Mobile Mounts Accessory Power Distribution Unit (APDU)



Mobile Mounts Accessory Power Distribution Unit (APDU) provides a secure power distribution system with all the features of the VPDU plus six additional fused circuits for high power devices like safety lights and 2-way radios. 150 amps total capacity.

  • Standard VPDU plus six additional continuous-powered circuits for radios, modems and other devices that require uninterrupted, constant power
  • Combines the funtion of a shut down timer and 4-port power distribution fuseblock conveniently into one, protected box along with a 6-port continuous-power fuse block
  • Protects your vehicle from over-discharge and shield sensitive electronic equipment from low and high voltage damage
  • Adjustable timing function
  • Automatic activation by sensing battery voltage (Ignition sense also available)
  • 50 Amp peak current
  • Reverse Polarity Protected