End Distracted Driving

VuLock software is a smart investment for any fleet, providing a reliable solution to the logistics of mobile employee supervision and hazard prevention.

Increase Safety
VuLock prevents accidents by automatically removing the distraction of computers and handheld devices while the vehicle is in motion, to ensure that the driver can focus on the task at hand. Devices are restored to full function once the vehicle comes to a stop. 

Protect Your Assets
Costs associated with on-the-job vehicle accidents can include temporary worker and training expenses, business delays, lost revenue, and property damage. VuLock can significantly decrease the risk of these occurrences and will ultimately save money for your business.

Versatile & Easy to Use

  • Compatible with Windows and Android phones or tablets.
  • Adjustable permissions allow access to mission-critical information while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Does not interfere with the transfer of voice or data information.
  • Utilizes the technology of IPC - developers of DriveScreen - to provide the best navigation, GPS tracking, and technical support across fleet-oriented industries.
  • Strong transmitter signal.
  • Fully Customizable settings for device removal prevention, activation speed thresholds, device locking (disable keyboard, screen or mouse), peek functions, device access restoration.
  • Logs all software & GPS functions throughout the workday.

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